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We can develop awesome social networking, dating, community website and many more.Simply, we can build our own new social site like facebook, twitter, etc with all the necessary features out of the box.As some of dolphin’s features requires media streaming capabilities, we'll need to setup Java and Image Magick in our machine.To do so, we'll need to execute the following command with respect to our distribution of linux.We'll enter the root password we wanna assign and then continue for the installation.This root password should be noted which we'll need to configure the database for dolphin.

But as we haven't assigned it for our Cent OS and Fedora, if we are running Cent OS or Fedora, we'll need to follow this step in order to configure it.I have developed an extension for the Boonex Dolphin 7 CMS, the extension works ok on my server, but when I installed it on the clients server the j Query functions stopped working. I've a dating site developed with Boonex Dolphin and I want to disallow all contact with members who are the same sex.For example, in search page, if members is a male for example, he can see only ... Always it returns back the same error: The following files have inappropriate permissions: flash/modules/global/app/ffmpeg.exe; And if I scroll down, I can se this: flash/...To setup it, we'll need to run the following command as shown below.While installing the lamp stack, it will pop a screen as shown bellow to configure our mariadb server and will ask us to enter a new password for the root user of database server.

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