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Peters signs treaties with several native chieftains on the mainland opposite Zanzibar.

The Society for German Colonization is formed by Karl Peters in order to acquire German colonial territories in overseas countries.Over 300 are killed in an attempt by the Rwandan army to capture Hutu insurgents responsible for killings in Northwestern Rwanda, including the murder of the three Spanish aid workers. In Gikongoro, Rwanda, Venuste Niyonzima is the first man tried locally for crimes against humanity in his own village. Canadian priest, Guy Pinard, a witness to the 1994 genocide, is murdered by Hutu terrorists while saying mass.Five human rights observers are killed in an ambush in Cyangugu, Rwanda.A Hutu revolution in Rwanda installs a new president, Gregoire Kayibanda; fighting continues and thousands of Tutsis are forced to flee. Further massacre of Tutsis, this time in response to military attack by exiled Tutsis in Burundi. It is estimated that by the mid-1960s half of the Tutsi population is living outside Rwanda. Fresh outbreak of killings, again directed at Tutsi community.The army chief of staff, General Juvenal Habyarimana, seizes power, pledging to restore order. A policy of ethnic quotas is entrenched in all public service employment.

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